One of our pillars is to create a sustainable interior. Decorazzi has therefore taken a number of measures to contribute.

Each Decorazzi wallpaper is made to order. No overproduction, but only make what is needed.

Decorazzi only selects products that meet our high quality standards, for the long lifespan and most durable properties. The extra heavy selected wallpaper is printed with water-based ink, is VOC-free and consists of a vinyl top layer and an underlayer of FSC mix.

The rugs are made in Europe with heavy duty project quality yarn (class 33). The raw material is 100% recycled polyamide material from, among other things, fishing nets.

The infrastructure of the website has been optimized so that it uses as little energy as possible. The website is hosted by Google and Amazon Web Services, which generate 90-100% of their energy from renewable sources. By 2025 this will be 100%.