About Decorazzi

Decorazzi is an innovative interior design company founded by award-winning designer Gonnette Smits and digital entrepreneur Jerôme de Groot. The company specializes in offering high-quality, customizable wallpaper designs that allow consumers to take their interior design to new heights. With a commitment to delivering large-scale, impactful designs and a focus on sustainability, Decorazzi is poised to revolutionize the home decor industry. We will start with a selection of wallpaper and rugs and will add more interior design items to our collection in 2024.

Decorazzi initially focuses on offering incredibly beautiful wallpaper of unparalleled quality, previously reserved for catering and commercial spaces. Now consumers can bring this luxury into their own home. What sets Decorazzi apart is their commitment to large-scale designs that transform walls into breathtaking works of art from international soil. How fantastic is it to surround your living environment with designers from Brazil, Vietnam or South Africa?

Unlike traditional wallpaper with repeating patterns, Decorazzi allows customers to create wall-to-wall designs reminiscent of murals and works of art. Through an intuitive website, customers can effortlessly order designs customized to their preferences and room dimensions.

Our team

Gonnette Smits, a seasoned designer with more than 35 years of experience, has an impressive portfolio. Her company Muurbloem design studio has collaborated with prestigious clients such as Rabobank, Ibis hotels, Stokke, Mariott, Egecarpets and Rob Peetoom. As art director, Gonnette is responsible for an inspiring international collection within Decorazzi. She really wants to use the technical and international possibilities to let everyone enjoy each other's designs, "we communicate through patterns across the borders of the continents".

Jerôme de Groot, a digital prodigy, started programming at the age of 14. His entrepreneurial spirit led him to build a thriving online marketing business before completing his master's degree in marketing. At the age of 25, Jerôme led his first e-commerce team. His unique combination of technical skills and creative thinking places him as the driving force behind Decorazzi's technical and marketing strategies.